Saturday, December 29, 2012

For the Farmers

Kenton's been wanting to get his TMR mixer under roof.

He wouldn't enjoy dealing with ice and snow in his conveyor twice a day.

So far we've had a pretty mild winter and it hasn't been a huge issue but that will probably change.

He's planning to take the roof off the area between the old milking barn and the heifer barn.

As you can see he's going to make it quite wide.  It might be forty feet.

Soon he hopes to tear the roof off the heifer barn and widen it out to match.  

We've grown faster than expected and desperately need more stalls.

As you can see he's putting in large posts in hopes that they will be standing for a long time.

They'll have to wait to put steel on until a dry day.  


As you can see we have quite the muddy mess currently.

My standard disclaimer applies here: When it comes to farming (and many other things, too) I never know completely what I'm talking about. 

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