Saturday, December 1, 2012

Five Years Old

 Kaitlyn had a birthday.

Grandpa and Grandma came to help her celebrate.  

Kaitlyn, Emily Bennett, and Lydia

What do you think of her new American girl doll?  

Grandma Adamson got it for her.  She also received some doll clothes and a bouncy ball.  Emily thought the bouncy ball was terrific.   

Kaitlyn thinks that now that she is five she can immediately begin Kidstuf (Children's Church for K-5th grade) and public school.  She is adamant that she wants to go to public school "like Sam and Ted" rather that be homeschooled.  She loves her little sister and is overall really generous and thoughtful with her.  I think the bit of insecurity we're seeing has more to do with mom being at the hospital for nights at a time rather than losing her "baby of the family" status.  She loves her friends Emma and Rebecca and would probably spend time with them everyday if she could.  One day she met a little girl in the playroom at the hospital.  She's been asking if Taylor could come and play ever since.   She loves girly stuff, being with other kids, and being active.  She doesn't like being left behind or being considered little.   She wants to do whatever the "big" kids are doing.  


  1. Happy birthday, Kaitlyn! Wow, 5 is so old!

  2. We love the American girl doll! Nice name! : ) Happy birthday Kaitlyn - You are a BIG Girl now!
    From Lydia , Brooke, Natalie and Jenna

  3. NOOO She can't be 5 already!! Sounds like she had a great day.
    Happy Birthday sweet girl!!
    Love ya!