Saturday, December 22, 2012

Barf Humbug

We left early for Minnesota.  The weatherman was saying that things were going to get ugly between the Northland and Maryland so we threw everything together and took off Wednesday night.  (If we don't make it safely back home, please do everyone a favor and torch the place without entering.   It will be cheaper than therapy later.)

We got to Crooked Lake and before we took off shoes or coats...

Emily threw up.  

I thought  a lot of things I'd prefer no one see on a family site.  

Friday afternoon we headed for the local hospital.  Kenton's doing hospital duty.  

In a massive effort to avoid profanity,  I've been trying to make sense of things.  (Not very Christian of me, is it?)  Maybe the older four needed a real Christmas: you know, the kind where the house is clean, there are cookies, presents are not still in the mail (yeah, we should have a few waiting for us), cousins to play with and fun things going on.  

(Yes, I am fully aware that Jesus wasn't born in a clean house with cookies or cousins or fun....but He did pick up some gold, frankincense, and myrrh so frankly I think I have a ways to go.)

It's hard.  It's hard to be without "my baby".  It's hard to know that we "gambled" and lost the health lottery for Emily.  I dragged my family 1200 miles across country through rain and snow and still no one has seen "my baby".  

Kenton says the staff at the hospital have been VERY kind and the kids are having a wonderful time.   They've ridden sleds behind snowmobiles, played with cousins, been to a hockey game (Greenway lost 0-9), run on the treadmill, steamed in the sauna, watched a movie,  played air hockey, eaten a ton of junk, and been loved up by aunts and uncles.  The perfect kids' holiday, right?  

It would be great to have Emily home for Christmas Eve.  

I think we'll push hard for that, even if she ends up having to go back.    

Barf humbug!

It could be so much worse, I know.  It's still a major bummer.  

Before I go off to throw a tantrum (Yep, Santa Claus is putting coal in my stocking!) I did want to send a genuine wish that each of you will have a very 

Merry Christmas!
with lots of good health.  


  1. God Bless you!! When will this path you are on end or veer off onto a path of health and peace for you and your family? I really wish I had the answers. But I don't so I will echo you-
    Barf Humbug!
    Still praying!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I am so, so sorry Emily got sick again!! May God work in her body to bring total & complete healing is my prayer. And may you continue to feel His love & presence very near & dear to you. May His joy be abundant in all of your lives at this special time of year. Peace.