Monday, December 17, 2012

Round #7?!?

Friday was around day 15 of Emily's cycle.  Last cycle she went 21 days so we all were aware of the day but hoping for another week of calm before the storm.  The plan was to head for Minnesota as soon as she got better from Round #7.

Friday afternooon/evening we were afraid it was coming.  She had her usual bloated look and was running around rubbing her belly.  Sure enough around 8:30 she started vomiting.

I was SO MAD!  I didn't realize how much I was counting on having that extra week at home.  The only good thing was it meant we would probably be in Minnesota for the actual holiday instead of afterwards.

Saturday morning she started throwing up blood and after a call to her GI doctor we were able to head for the peds ward instead of ER.  Thank you, Lord and everyone else involved!!!

Her cycle has pretty routinely run nine days of vomiting or at least nine days until she's back to eating properly without vomiting.

BUT Sunday morning at 4:00 they were drawing blood for labwork when she woke up.  She started to jabber, ask for food, and smile!!!  That has NEVER happened this early.  NEVER.  We've had moments toward the end of the cycle when she seemed to be getting better and then would relapse, but never this early.

Emily spent Sunday talking, smiling, demanding food she didn't get, and playing.  She felt so much better she couldn't wait to share her joy.  She ran around the halls looking for people to wave at and blow kisses to.

Her hemoglobin had dropped from the time she went in until Sunday a.m. and they needed to recheck it Sunday afternoon to make sure it was lab error, etc. If it was dropping she would have needed another scope.  So, sorry baby, no food until they could make sure that she didn't need to go through that again.

Afternoon labwork came back with hemoglobin slightly up, a couple of popsicles stayed down, some cheerios also stayed put, and after a pint of beloved green beans our girl came home.


Was this Round #7?   Is she finally responding to treatment?  Was this a short flu bug?  Is the chiropractor helping?  Or is something else going on?


Unless Emily starts puking again we're planning to leave for Minnesota on Thursday.  We may be setting ourselves up for Merry baaarrrfff Christmas but we're going to try it.  


  1. Let's pray and hope this is the beginning of the end! Merry Christmas! and safe travels! Minnesota is a long, long way. And cold! But, I'm sure you know that. Are you wanting a white Christmas or something?

  2. Yay!!! That's very cool. I'm not one of those "super-spiritualize everything" type people, but I will say that Sunday morning at 3:30, I dreamt my phone was buzzing, and it seemed real enough it woke me right up. So, since it seems like sometimes God wakes me up with something on my heart, I asked if there was something I should pray for. Emily immediately jumped to mind, so I prayed for her for about 20 minutes until i fell back asleep. I wouldn't put it past the Lord to have woke other people up around then too... who knows! Maybe he wanted to give you guys a little break. I'm praying this is indeed a sign of the beginning of the end to this whole mess! Love you guys!

    1. That is so cool! Thanks for praying.

  3. Praying you all have a wonderful trip to visit your family--hopefully yuckiness free!

    1. Thank you, Val. Samuel will probably be a ton of fun this Christmas. :)

  4. Praise the Lord!! Still praying for the little doll, and can't wait to meet her!!! Speedy recovery and Godspeed on your trip to Minnesota.Love you all! <3

  5. Merry Christmas to all of you. Your encouragement and prayers mean so much!